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What Is Communyco?

Communyco is where hard working creators, just like you, can feel human again.

Without the social-media masks and urgency, you can find a place to connect with other creators, share your struggles in a safe space, get advice and tips from your peers, and use cross-platform features to build real and exciting partnerships.

Communyco Creators get access to:

Forums for creators only

Mental health support

Partnership perks

Brainstorming session

and more...

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Our Story

Communyco was founded on a passion for creativity and a desire for community. 


Our story begins in 2020 when our founders, Rony and Bar, stuck at home due to the pandemic, began to rediscover their creative hobbies. Rony started gardening and Bar wanted to perfect her sourdough recipe. 


But they were still missing something – human connection. They started looking for an online platform to share their hobbies, and learn from other creatives. The search was frustrating and overwhelming, and they soon realized that the problem they face comes from a much greater pain point the content creators experience.


As content creators, we face online harassment and negativity. We compete for the follower's attention so our content will get seen on social media. We open our hearts to the world, and it can feel like we are speaking into the void. 

Communyco was our answer. Our platform is exclusively for content creators, no matter from what category or medium, and through it we enable creators to feel human again, and treat themselves with the compassion and care they deserve but often don't get.

The platform is a safe, moderated, and harassment-free space. We welcome only positive energy so that you are free to ask questions, get the support you need, and talk about your struggles with people who truly understand you.


Most importantly, we created a kind and supportive community, one that our members are proud to be part of.


" Communyco comes from a deep and true passion for creative people, especially those who are kind enough to teach and guide. We see every creator that joins as part of our family and treats them as such." 

Bar Kirshon, Co-founder & CEO.